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Writing Wednesday-Creating the World

Worlds of Wonder by David Gerold

One of the biggest challenges in writing paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi is creating the world. It may seem easy to when using creatures like vampires and shape-shifters (especially because some of the rules are already laid out) but the best writers find unique twists on these dark tales creating a world slightly different from the other sci-fi fantasy books out there. After all rules are made to be broken, right? 😉

Creating the futuristic and sci-fi world has to be based more on science then on pure imagination. It’s called science fiction for that reason and should have aspects that work with different types of science including things like cloning, space travel, putting colonies on another planet, or even alien invasions.

Making the rules in fantasy can be even more complicated then the world of sci-fi. The rules here can be anything you want to imagine. Science can be thrown out the window and any thing you dream up can be used. This may seem slightly easier to write, especially since you can conjure up any type of fantasy world you want. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds, rules still need to be made especially if you are going to create characters that your readers can relate to on some level.

There are two great books I recommend reading for the creation of sci-fi and fantasy. The first is by David Gerold called Worlds of Wonder, he is not only a successful writer himself but the book is filled with great advise on how to create complex worlds and visionary tales. The second book is by Orson Scott Card called How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy. This book is also written by a successful science fiction/fantasy writer on how to get your world started and populated.

So good luck to the fantasy and sci-fi writers out there and don’t forget to keep dreaming!


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