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Rescuing Jack by Caitlin Ricci


Title: Rescuing Jack

Author: Caitlin Ricci

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Copyright: 2014

ISBN: 978-1-62798-3737-0

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Gay, Paranormal, Werewolf

Series: Book One in A Forever Home

Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Romance Level: ♥♥

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Description: Werewolves are real. Marius enjoys the irony that everyone calls him a dog whisperer, not just because he’s a werewolf, but for his work at the local animal shelter. He has a unique talent for pairing families with their perfect pets upon first meeting them. But he’s still looking for acceptance and a forever family of his own. Then Jack comes into the rescue looking for a big, mean dog. To prevent Jack from making the wrong choice, Marius convinces him to adopt a needy spaniel mix instead. But when Marius learns Jack is tormented by horrible memories while at his apartment, he opens his home to the sweet, scared man. As their relationship grows, Jack feels comfortable telling Marius about the horrors he suffered. Marius hopes his steady presence, protection, and love can help Jack reclaim the pieces of himself broken on that terrible night.

Review: Marius is a werewolf who co-owns a pet rescue shelter with tough-as-nails Clare. Jack is a shell of a man who is trying to get his life back together. They meet when Jack comes in to the rescue shelter in hopes of finding a guard dog for his apartment. Jack ends up adopting a shy and frightened dog named Missy. Not the guard dog he was looking for but one that will aid him in mending. I loved reading the parallel story of Missy getting better with Jack while Jack is recovering with Marius. Each needing hope, gaining strength, and deserving of love.

From the beginning of the story I knew that this book was going to be dark. This book looks at a very tough subject and one of the hardest topics to write about, rape. This story is about a man who can’t find support in a small town and still raw from a recent attack. I could tell that the author reached into forbidden places to come up with such a broken character like Jack. But that is why I really liked this book, the characters are not afraid to look into the worst parts of themselves.

Caitlin Ricci isn’t afraid to take her characters into the shadows and face their fears. She writes not only amazing main characters but builds up side characters that don’t fall into typical stereotypes. My favorite was Seth, but I always have a place in my heart for talkative, geeky characters like him. I also loved Clare with her stubborn nature and big heart. Caitlin Ricci’s writing improves with every book I read and I cannot wait to see what story she comes out with next.

I found the ending came too fast, I wanted to spend more time in the world of Marius and Jack, watch them grow even more. This is why I can’t wait to read the rest of the series not only in hopes to see if Seth, Peter, or Jeremy end up finding the loves of their lives but also to see how Jack is growing and healing with the help of his loving werewolf.

If you like darker stories with two men working to become stronger with healing and a little revenge, I recommend this book for you.


Mind Magic by Poppy Dennison

Mind Magic Cover

Title: Mind Magic

Author: Poppy Dennison

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Copyright: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-61372-456-9

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Mage/Werewolf

Rating: ✭✭✭✭

Romance Level: ♥♥

Description: Magical species must never mix. According to the rules, Simon Osborne should ignore the children’s cries for help. After all, they’re werewolf cubs, and he’s an apprentice mage. But for once in his life, Simon breaks the rules and rescues the cubs, saving them from a demon intent on draining them of their magic.

Of course, all actions have consequences, and Simon’s bold move earns him the displeasure of his peers and the attention of the cubs’ alpha, a man named Gray Townsend.

The last thing Gray needs is a mage in his life, but Simon did save his son. Since Simon is now a friend of the pack, Gray doesn’t have much choice about it—or the forbidden attraction that goes along with it. Unfortunately for the alpha, he needs Simon’s help to track down the demon behind the kidnappings—before it strikes again. Simon and Gray must join forces to protect the pack, even as they struggle to resist the temptation that threatens to destroy them both.

Review: Simon Osborne is faced with a decision that will change the course of his life forever in Poppy Dennison’s novel “Mind Magic.” Simone Osborne is an apprentice mage working hard to achieve mage status. When the kidnapping of a small group of werewolf cubs changes Simon’s path he begins questioning everything he has been taught. Simon is a clever apprentice and is able to get the cubs back home but that is only the beginning.

Gray Townsend, the werewolf alpha, is instantly drawn to the young mage but as the alpha he isn’t so sure he can trust Simon. But Simon has been made a friend of the pack and deserves protection. Gray quickly realizes that Simon is his mate and the draw to the apprentice mage is becoming harder to resist.

From the moment the book firsts starts I was instantly pulled into Simon’s side of the story in hopes that he would save the werecubs even though it was against the magical world rules. Simon Osborne is one clever mage to get those kids out. Gray is a strong and protective alpha who is determined to get to the bottom of the cub kidnappings and destroy the demon responsible.

Poppy Dennison has written a thrilling story of romance and suspense on a paranormal world where different types of magic do not mix. She makes us face the tragedy of judgement on others before we even know their intentions.

Mind Magic is one of those books that offers a heart-felt story of learning to trust when the world has told you to look the other way. I recommend this book to anyone who want a romantic book filled with danger.

Wolf Moon by Ethan Stone

Wolf Moon Cover

Title: Wolf Moon

Author: Ethan Stone

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Copyright: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61581-812-9

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Werewolves

Rating: * * * *

Romance Level: ♥♥♥♥

Description: When college student Jack Coleman meets Derek Malone at a party, it’s mutual lust at first sight. Lies and secrets almost derail the relationship, but they face the problems head on, and it isn’t long before Jack and Derek decide to take their relationship to the next level. That’s when things get complicated.

It turns out Derek and several other people Jack thought he knew are werewolves… and so is Jack. In fact, his unusual birthmark brands him as a Chosen One, a werewolf of great power destined to be alpha. But Jack isn’t sure he’s cut out to be a leader. When a pack rival, Elias Fairchild, kidnaps Derek to force Jack’s hand, Jack has to make up his mind: Will he deny his newfound heritage or risk it all to save Derek’s life?

Review: Finding a mate can always be tough but what happens when the wolf pack in Nevada was falling apart? The death of Jack’s parents threw him on a path that hid his future. Now attending the University of Nevada, Jack find himself actually wanting a relationship after a lifetime of one night stands. He is introduced to Derek Malone at a party and from that moment they are nearly inseparable.

The conclusion had me guessing until the end who had wronged Jack’s family and what fate Jack would choose. The resolution is breathtaking and unexpected. The story is told from the first person point of view of Jack Coleman. The story is lighthearted and filled with touching moments as Jack discovers his true heritage. Being a born leader or Chosen one by birthmark Jack has a hard time accepting who he is meant to be.

Ethan Stone is a talented author that pulls us into a world of werewolves and politics. He brings in unique characters each with a colorful voice and personality. My favorite character was Salem with his quick humor as a consummate ladies’ man. Jack’s friends are in a fight against time as the next wolf moon is just around the corner, Jack must decide to run or face his fate. Ethan Stone keeps up his mysterious pace building in intensity to the surprising end.

The story shows how someone with doubt about themselves can learn to accept their fate and become a born leader, especially with the support of a patient mate. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mysterious and romantic werewolf story.

Events Coming Up for May 7th-May 13th

Here are the events for M/M paranormal romance authors and releases coming up for the week of May 7th to May 13th.

Writing Events:

Romance Survey-RRWReaderSurvey

Save the Date: August 17th-The Romance Convention (Registration Started May 1st)

Save the Date: October 18th-21st: GayRomLit 2012 (Registration Started March 1st)

Publisher Events:

Friday Frenzy! Every Friday Silver Publishing Gives Away Title

Weekly Free Downloads-Silver Publishing Short Stories

Blog Hop Events:

Upcoming: Hop Against HomophobiaMay 17th-20th

Upcoming Book Releases:

Monday, May 7th

Avril Ashton-Till Surrender: Paranormal Secutiry Council Book #2-(M/M, Fantasy)

Tuesday, May 8th

Leontii Holender-Maithe’s Surrender: Devil Enchained Book #1-(M/M, Demon, Sex Toys)

Wednesday, May 9th
Amber Kell & Stephani Hecht-The Helpful Swan: Cob Brothers Book #3-(M/M, Fantasy)
Terra Laurent-Possession-(M/M, Ghost, Light Consensual BDSM, Spanking)
Wayne Manfield-Under the Bed-(M/M, Fantasy, Fairy Tale)
Thursday, 10th
JC Holly-Pack Rules-(M/M, Werewolves)
Saturday, May 12th
Gabrielle Evans-The Devil Makes Three: Gods of Chaos Book #4-(M/M, Vampires, Gods, Public Exhibition)
Toni Griffin-Frankie’s Vamp: Hot Encounters Book #1-(M/M, Vampires, Werewolves)
Scarlet Hyacinth-Black and White: The S.E.X. Factor Book #4-(M/M, Shapeshifter)
Sui Lynn-Nico’s Fire: Elements of Love Book #2-(M/M, Fantasy, BDSM)
Anitra Lynn McLeod-Daring Alpha: Twin Pines Grizzlies Book #11-(M/M, Shapeshifter, Sex in Partially Shifted Form)
Pelaam-Daimon: A Demonica Story-(M/M, Demon, Halloween)

All release dates are subject to change.

Authors and Publishers: Please let me know any events or book releases you have coming up and I will be happy to add the information to my blog! Please send me any information at Ask Me Anything

Bloodlines by Jessica Lee

Bloodlines Book Cover

Title: Bloodlines

Author: Jessica Lee

Publisher: Breathless Press

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1926771-78-6

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Werewolf, BSDM

Series: Book 1 in Kinkaid Wolf Pack

Rating: * * * *

Romance Level: @@@@

If so you will relate to the characters in this amazing book as they fight to keep their dreams and who they are alive. The brilliant writer Jessica Lee creates characters that are relatable and full of emotions that leave your heart aching for more. Her attention to detail brings the characters to life as they fight for what they want.

This story is told from the third person point-of-view from the main werewolf, Evin KinKaid, and his soon to be discovered mate, Mason Thorne. Evin has left his pack as the son of the alpha because he was banned for being gay. Mason Thorne is the son of a corporate tyrant who wants Mason to follow in his footsteps, but Mason wants to live his own life. But just as destiny had brought Mason into the arms of Evin, fate seemed to be tearing them apart. You won’t want to pass this story.

I had a hard time waiting for the second book in the series to come out, which thank your lucky stars book 2 is out. Jessica Lee has an amazing way of pulling you into the story and as you reach the end you realize that the journey is ending too soon. To anyone who enjoys a good shifter story with fantastic naughty sex this book is highly recommended by this satisfied reader.

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