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Shapeshifter or Futuristic Rogue Hero



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This man needs a story! I’m thinking a shapeshifter or maybe a futuristic rogue hero! What do you think?


An Assassin’s Touch by Stephani Hecht

An Assassin's Touch Cover

Title: An Assassin's Touch

Author: Stephani Hecht

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Copyright: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-55487-802-4

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Cat Shifters

Series: Book Nine in the Lost Shifters Series

Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

Romance Level: ♥♥♥

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Description: Nobody realizes better than Shane that he has no real future. As a Leopard, he's destined to live alone and be reviled by his fellow feline shifters. Instead of letting that hurt him, Shane just throws himself into his work as the coalition's top assassin. A job that his breeding makes him perfect for. He tells himself that he doesn't need anyone else–that he's fine living a solitary life. Then one, brief encounter with a bratty, Panther shifter named, Trevor, changes everything. Now all Shane can think about is the Panther and how to get the man back in his bed. The only problem is Trevor hasn't given Shane so much as a second glance since their one time together. A situation that frustrates and intrigues Shane even more. Trevor has always enjoyed playing the field. With so many sexy temptations at his disposal, he doesn't see why he should have to settle for the same warm body in his bed night after night. While the sex with Shane had been great, Trevor is determined to put the encounter behind him. A task that's not as easy as it would seem. Not when every night he continues to dream of the Leopard. Or how, whenever they're in the same room, Trevor can't stop himself from wanting to reach out and caress the Leopard. Trevor knows that there can never be anything between them and resolves to put his desires behind him. Then Shane needs help on one of his assignments and he turns to Trevor. The mission proves more dangerous than either one realizes. They soon find themselves fighting for their lives. Will they be able to learn to trust each other in time to save themselves, or will their past doubts destroy them?


Review: Shane is determined to be on his own knowing the lonely life of being a Leopard. Trevor has decided to try and forget his one quickie with the Leopard shifter and move on. But the two can't stop thinking about each other and are determined to have each other at least one more time.

Shane has been one of my favorite character throughout the series and I knew I would love his story when it finally came out. I was not disappointed, I loved this assassin's story! The best part is Shane still remains his dark self even as he learns to love and what it means to have a mate.

Stephani Hecht's writing has you pulled into her world of sexy shifters in the first sentence. Her writing has you turning the page again and again in hopes that the Shane and Trevor will finally be together. She paints a dark canvas of a broken assassin who wants nothing more than to claim his sexy Panther. Then she leaves us breathless with a pulse racing cliff hanger! Thankfully book 10 is out. 😉

Trevor and Shane's story is breathtaking and dark. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a dark assassin meeting a light heart.

Shift Happens!


153775260-Man-with-large-cat-cougarShifters are one of my favorite mythological creatures! Lycanthropy is the technical term for humans who transform into multiple physical shapes, mostly animal forms. Some shifters can only change at certain times, such as only at night, while others can change whenever they needed. Powerful shifters can usually shift just parts of their body, such as their hands into paws, teeth into fangs. The physical transformation into another form could be smooth and easy all the way to painful and slow. Some shifters remember what happens when they change forms while others forget the experience and end up waking in a strange place, sometimes naked and covered in blood.

Shifters can take two forms or multiple forms. Shapeshifters are different from were-creatures such as werewolves and werecats. Werecats are considered shifters but not all shifters are weres. Of course the “Liquid Guy” from Terminator 2 could also be considered a shifter in a way. The lore of shifters goes around the planets and traces of legends back to prehistoric times.

Creation: The two main ways shifters are created is being born as a shifter or being bitten by a shifter. Shifters can be born with their special abilities usually because one or both parents are also shifters. When in shifted form, such as a wolf, cat, bird, or dragon, if the shifter bites a human the human will become a shifter usually on the full moon. Most shifter lore is believed to take place with magic and considered body transformation.

Weakness: The weakness of shifters depend on the mythology. Many believe that shifters are allergic to silver. So the best defense, if a rogue shifter is on your tail is to use a silver knife or letter opener to defend yourself. Probably the best would be silver bullets but not too many people own silver bullets. Some lore believes that a shifter can be killed just as easily as humans or as easily as their shifted form.

Leopard’s Spots by Bailey Bradford

Levi Book Cover

Title: Levi

Author: Bailey Bradford

Publisher: Total-E-Bound

Copyright: 2012

ISBN: 978-0-85715-896-3

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Shapeshifter (Cats)

Series: Leopard Spot’s Book One

Rating: * * * *

Romance Level: ♥♥♥♥

Description: A run through the woods turned anything but typical when Levi found the one thing he never expected to find-his mate.

After a week spent in family reunion hell, Levi Travis is more than ready for a little break. But who knew shifting into a snow leopard and loping around in the woods could turn into such a steamy event?

When Levi encounters a cougar shifter in the woods, the attraction is so hot it threatens to shoot off sparks. Levi has fantasised about having a stronger man than him want him, and he’s sure the cougar is just such a man. Which is why Levi lets himself get caught, and the intensity of their mating is only equaled by Levi’s confusion when the man shifts back into a cougar then turns tail and runs.

Lyndon Hines has been running for months. Hunted, taunted, he didn’t know what else to do-until he met a man who made him realise that some things were worth fighting for. Two shifters, each a different breed, neither knowing much about their heritage, Levi and Lyndon come together and find the strength to take on the mad man who is out to end Lyndon’s life.

Review: The story starts just after a large family reunion took place on the Travis family ranch. Levi feels lonely after hearing the tales from family about finding their loved ones. Levi is ready for a relationship but it’s hard to meet men in small mountain town, Colorado. Little does he know that his luck in love is about to change.

Enter Lyndon. He is traveling, trying to get away from someone or something that is stalking him. But a feeling comes over him as he passes by the Travis ranch, one that tells him to stop. Besides who could he resist running through the beautiful mountain woods?

Lyndon goes for a run in his cougar form to run across a beautiful snow leopard. The second Levi and Lyndon’s eyes meet they had an instant connection. Unfortunately after their first steamy encounter, Lyndon finds himself running in the other direction.

Told from the point of view of both Levi and Lyndon the adventurous author Bailey Bradford takes on a courageous tale of naughty pleasure and discovering love. Her writing is light-hearted especially when we meet Levi’s loving family. This is a great story with entertaining characters and a fight to realize that a true mate makes them stronger.

My maiden name is Hines so I felt like I had a special connection with Lyndon in this love story between two shifter cats. I also grew up and still live in Colorful Colorado so their is a special place in my heart for books that take on our beautiful mountains. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a gallant story of two male shifters who have a little BDSM fun.

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