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One Man’s Treasure by Kris Jansen

Kris Jansen-One Man's Treasure Cover

Title: One Man’s Treasure

Author: Kris Jansen

Publisher: White Orchid Press

Copyright: 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9888816-0-0

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Sci Fi, Erotic Romance

Rating: ✭✭✭✭

Romance Level: ♥♥♥

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Description: Kane is known for his prowess on the battlefield. Unfortunately, that reputation has triggered the council of his native planet to ask him to breed. Kane is determined to only mate for love so he concocts a plan to fake a joining to another male before jumping planet and leaving everything beh

ind. He never counted on meeting a thief who would turn his plan into something more than a means to escape.

Jewl was just looking to make some cash. He never expected to come face to face with the warrior he was stealing from. Threatened with death if he doesn’t cooperate, Jewl agrees to be Kane’s pretend bond mate. But it will take more than just good acting for them to dupe the Warlord council.

As they spend more time together, it’s harder to remain indifferent. Will the possibility of love be enough to hold the two together?

Review: Jewl is a thief for the Rats Guild who gets caught in his latest job by Kane, warlord of the Bear Clan and White Knight of Aranoth. Kane is a man desperate to get out of marriage and Jewl is his only chance at freedom. Jewl reluctantly agrees, mostly at a chance to save his own life. Little do they know their paths were destined to cross. The attraction between them is nearly instant and they fall for each other in a hot and hurried pace. The quick attraction is explained through the Nano-DNA injected into Jewl shoulder as a way to fool the counsel into believing they are mated. The sexual attraction between them continues to grow even as they swear not to go any further than kissing.

Although Jewl and Kane make a pact to be together for only a week the attraction between them grows stronger with each turn of the page. Kris Jansen does an amazing job throwing us into a sci-fi world where Kane and Jewl unexpectedly find love. Jansen writes a delightful story with strong characters and a fascinating world of marriage politics. The sci-fi world is unique and takes us to planets where history meets the future on Kane’s home world.

It was nice to read a fun sci-fi story where the characters are put together in a ploy to fool a council. This is a fast love and quick read that will leave your heart fluttering for more. I highly recommend this book to any who like a cute and enjoyable sci-fi love story that show opposites really do attract.


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I’ll have to say that is quite an awesome cover too! 😉

End of the Line by Lynn Hagen & Stormy Glenn

End of the Line Book Cover

Title: End of the Line

Author: Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Copyright: 2011

ISBN: 1-61034-788-9

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Sci-fi, Shapeshifter

Series: Book One in the Lady Blue Crew Series

Rating: * * * *

Romance Level: ♥♥♥

Description: Giovanni Gallardo is on the run. With only a knapsack in his hands, he boards a ship to get as far away from earth as he possibly can. When he arrives at End of the Line, things go south fast.

Remy Vystal is the commander of the Lady Blue. Kicked out of the Elite Force for something they didn’t do, Remy and his crew travel the galaxy taking on missions to survive.

When a stowaway is discovered aboard, the fun has only just begun. Remy has found his mate in the little human, but Gigi is more than the crew is used to handling.

When they discover Gigi’s secret, the crew must fight to keep Gigi alive. Keeping Gigi safe from a replicator that’s possessed may be easier than keeping him safe from the one man who has called a bounty on all of their heads.

Review: The Lady Blue is not a ship or crew you would want to miss. They travel the galaxy through the black-market just trying to make a living when suddenly there is a huge bounty on their heads. Little do they know that the death traps are set up to get back a small stowaway, Giovanni Gallardo.

Remington Vystal or Remy, commander of the Lady Blue instantly knows that Giovanni is his mate. Remy quickly feels the overwhelming need to claim him as his own and gives Giovanni the nickname, Gigi. Remington doesn’t know that Gigi has a past and one that is after their heads. Gigi belongs to another man and is considered property to Drake. But Remy isn’t so willing to give up his mate.

The story is told through several third person points of view but mostly from the two main characters Gigi and Remy. Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn put together a strong cast with unforgettable characters. Although sometimes they don’t have on pants ;). Each member has a rogue personality that help make up the Lady Blue crew. Personally, my favorite was Pax with his jumpy personality and broken past. I cannot wait to see if Colt, his Pax’s mate, can win his heart.

This sci-fi adventure has style and liveliness that left me wondering if the other crew members would soon meet their mates. Luckily the sequels are out so we can continue the story in the next exciting adventure with Pax and Colt, who hopefully can work things out.

Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn

Slave Auction Book Cover

Title: Slave Auction

Author: Stormy Glenn

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9869818

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Sci-Fi

Series: Book One in Spaced Out for Love Series

Rating: * * * *

Romance Level: ♥♥♥

Description: Rojan Ja’Dar is a rogue, a pirate that buys and sells cargo for a living. He is his own man, skirting the edge of the law and answering to no one. Arriving on a particular planet, he goes to drop off cargo and discovers a human pet being sold at an auction house. Intrigued, Rojan breaks all his rules and buys the human as his pet. It isn’t until after he purchases the human that Rojan discovers he just bought his mate.

Claiming Tyion is not as easy as buying him. Not understanding the danger he is in, Tyion fights his situation as a highly prized and sought after pet in Rojan’s world. Rojan has to convince Tyion that being his mate is not as bad as being a pet, even if they have to pretend to the rest of the world that Tyion is just a possession. That is hard to do when someone is after Tyion, someone not from Earth.

Review: The book starts out in a dark sci-fi setting where humans are abducted from their homes and sold as slaves to alien races. What starts out as a distrusted and shady story of slave training and auctions soon turns into a vivid love story.

Rojon is looking for a companion to share his bed and takes an eager interest in the human pet, Tyion, especially when he finds out the human is his mate. Tyion is not a trained pet and was only abducted from Earth when Rojan takes him aboard his ship as his personal slave. Once aboard Rojon wants to claim his mate but Tyion’s fear causes him to pause in hopes Tyion will come around. The two struggle with their emotions but all turns out for the better when Tyion realizes that Rojon wants him for more then just a slave.

The story is told through the third person from both Rojan and Tyion’s point of view. Stormy Glenn’s astonishing writing had my heart leaping in my chest at the heartache Rojon and Tyion felt when trying to stumble through their self-doubt. Her magnificent writing pulled me into the story with the psychological battle when Rojon realizes there is so much more to humans then being slaves.

I can get into a little BDSM but I’m not going to lie, when I started this book I was a little worried it would be too erotica. But the love story soon takes over when Rojan and Tyion realize that they cannot live without one another. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a little spanking and a lot of alien love!

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