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Writing Wednesdays!

Heart BookI like dedicating Wednesdays to writing. I even meet with a friend on Wednesdays as the and we become the Writing Warriors. I was thinking of taking Wednesdays here on M/M paranormal romance and turning it into the day where I talk about where I am in my writing (for those who are interested) so there is a record from concept to publication (lets hope :)).

This week is dedicated to creating my world. I love creating sci-fi and fantasy worlds, hence the blog. I have a previous post on creating worlds and what can go into putting a world together, “Creating the World” to check out the post.

I find that using creatures that are more common like vampires and shifters can create complications especially when fans of these creatures already have some expectations and many are looking for something original. Another complicated creature is the world of the fae or fairies (whichever you prefer) because there are so many myths already in place and dedicated followers of these usually forest type critters know all of the rules and can easily smell out someone who doesn’t know the mythology.

There is also the question of creating new creatures or using less commonly used creatures. Elves, nomes, centaurs, dragons, ghosts, and zombies are more commonly known and have a few rules, like zombies are killed by destroying the head, but have a little more room for play in the creation world.

The idea of creating an entirely new creature also has it’s appeal but even so there is probably a myth or legend somewhere that is close enough to define the newly created creature :P.

Anyhow, this week I am working on creating the world and the rules to apply to writing my book.

And to all my fellow writers out there keep those pens (and keyboards) moving!


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