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Scream of a Banshee


154112937-Woman-in-red-bansheeTonights Saturday Night Creature Feature is an Irish folklore of the Banshee in celebration ofSt. Patrick’s day! She is a messenger of death and usually died so brutally that her spirit stays to wander the earth warning others when a violent death is upon them.

She is usually depicted as a woman with long fingernails and sharp teeth. She has been seen as both old and young. Her mouth is usually open in a painful and loud scream that tortures the spirit of those still living. Looking into her bloodshot eyes also meant an instant death. To see her foretells a imminent death in the family she is haunting. She usually wears a cloak of white, red, or black, her hair long and pale usually hiding her face.

Banshees are also known to wander through the woods wailing in the dead of night causing fear in those who hear them. Her scream causes no harm but can be painful and heartbreaking to hear. It is also legend that if a person can hear the wail constantly the person may go insane.

Powers: She is considered a spirit or ghost in most mythology and doesn’t bring harm to anyone. People confuse the banshee believing she brings death but she only gives a warning of death. Once the family member has passed she is the souls guide to help them pass safely into the afterlife. She is mostly known for her scream and wails of pain.

Weakness: No weaknesses known. She is a messenger of death and unfortunately unless you are immortal this will happen to all of us.



The Raven

139914487-Crow-over-dark-roadAlthough the raven is not a fictional beast there are many myths from around the world that evolve around this black bird. Most cultures see the raven as a bad omen associated with death. Some believe it is a creature that has the soul of people murdered or carries the souls of the damned. Ravens are often confused with crows, although both are often associated with death they are different birds. Black cats and coyotes have common mythology around them as well.

The raven has been depicted with or as gods and goddesses and used as national symbols. Legend said that witches associating with ravens did dark magic. Ravens are associated with darkness as opposed to the dove that is a symbol of light.

The raven has also appeared in literary works by Stephen King, Shakespeare, James Barclay, Charles Dickens, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Mark Twain. The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most famous poems ever written, quoth the raven “Nevermore.”

Powers: Ravens don’t really have magical powers they are mostly signs of death and impeding destruction. They are considered messengers of death and associated with black magic.

Weaknesses: Although a raven may be easy to kill many people fear the repercussions of murdering the birds. Many believe bad luck would fall onto anyone who harms or kills a raven. Some even believed that the soul that the raven carried would now haunt the person who harmed the bird.

Temptation of a Siren’s Song

Siren-SongFor today’s Saturday Night creature feature let’s discuss sirens. Sirens are dangerous and seductive creatures. They are beautiful and tend to lore mortals to his or her death. The myth is usually sailors who fall prey to their songs and end up drowning or in shipwrecked on rocky shores. Most Sirens live in the ocean or on islands. The water is the best place to feed and easiest kill for these seductive beings.

Sirens are considered a dangerous and have been used as symbols for temptation for several centuries. Their music lures in the unsuspecting victims. The temptation of knowing who is playing the song becomes especially powerful and humans have perished trying to know. The end of the song means death for the victim.

Powers: Sirens biggest power is their voice and music. Song is how they attract victims into their embrace. This is also known as the Siren’s song, which usually refers to an attraction that is hard to resist. The song is usually sweet but also sad which pulls at the hearts of anyone who could hear the music. The melody is goes after the heart and soul not just physical attraction.

Weakness: Ignoring them. They live until mortals who heard there song can pass them by unharmed. If they do not tempt mortals they no longer have power they fade away because they can no longer feed on the weakness of humans. The song is the power and when the power no longer works the siren will perish.


The Magical Unicorn

Unicorn Statue

I have had an obsession with unicorns, maybe not as obsessed as the girl in Dodgeball but I have a few statues and posters :). So this weeks Saturday Night Creature Feature is the Unicorn. Unicorns have been depicted throughout history as horses with a long horn projected from the forehead. These magical creatures are usually portrayed as white horses but I prefer the ones that are black with red eyes (but of course I do ;)).

These mystical creatures are usually found in the depths of the forests usually associated with magical creatures like faeries. They are usually hidden from human eyes, only magical creatures and people with pure hearts can see them. Seeing a unicorn is considered a good omen and they usually come to humans when the person needs help.

Unicorns are often associated with royalty just like lions and have been depicted on flags and royal symbols throughout history. The unicorn is considered a noble creature with magical powers.


Powers: Unicorns have long been associated with magic especially in their horns. They were killed by hunters who wanted to possess their horns. The horns could heal wounds and purify water. Horn legends also state that the horn would turn red if the food or drink was poisoned than could neutralize the poison. Owning a horn also helps the owner live longer and healthier lives. Unicorns have also been said to make wishes come true.


Weakness: Unicorns can be tamed or calmed usually by a women with a pure heart or a virgin. Unicorns can also be killed by removing their horns. Also killed off by floods where the unicorns are too stubborn to get on the boat aka Noah's Ark.

Bird of Fire!

26181576-Fire-WingsIn honor of Theo Fenraven’s Phoenix Rising book release, M/M romance about the Phoenix, this week’s Saturday Night Creature Feature will be on the amazing resurrection bird, the Phoenix. The mythology of the bird is found in Egyptian, Arabic, Roman, Chinese, and Persian lore. The Phoenix is usually a symbol for the rising sun and resurrection.

This immortal bird is usually depicted with bright red, gold, orange, and yellow colored feathers. The phoenix is also known for it’s beautiful voice and heart felt songs. The phoenix is usually in bird form but in some lore the bird can also take a human form. Someone can also become the phoenix’s familiar if the bird also wants the bond.

The phoenix is considered a bird of prey like a hawk. They usually prefer cooler climates over warm as their internal flame keeps them constantly warm. The phoenix therefore likes bathing in more arctic waters where it usually sings, especially in the morning.

Creation: The phoenix is born from it’s own ashes. Toward the end the bird will build a nest of twigs and spices, like cinnamon and myrrh, than the bird will light the funeral pyre with it’s own wings. A phoenix can live anywhere from 500-1000 years than is consumed in the flames of the nest and turned into ashes. The new phoenix is then born, only one phoenix can exist at a time.

Weakness: There are no known weaknesses of the phoenix being immortal and invincible.

Shift Happens!


153775260-Man-with-large-cat-cougarShifters are one of my favorite mythological creatures! Lycanthropy is the technical term for humans who transform into multiple physical shapes, mostly animal forms. Some shifters can only change at certain times, such as only at night, while others can change whenever they needed. Powerful shifters can usually shift just parts of their body, such as their hands into paws, teeth into fangs. The physical transformation into another form could be smooth and easy all the way to painful and slow. Some shifters remember what happens when they change forms while others forget the experience and end up waking in a strange place, sometimes naked and covered in blood.

Shifters can take two forms or multiple forms. Shapeshifters are different from were-creatures such as werewolves and werecats. Werecats are considered shifters but not all shifters are weres. Of course the “Liquid Guy” from Terminator 2 could also be considered a shifter in a way. The lore of shifters goes around the planets and traces of legends back to prehistoric times.

Creation: The two main ways shifters are created is being born as a shifter or being bitten by a shifter. Shifters can be born with their special abilities usually because one or both parents are also shifters. When in shifted form, such as a wolf, cat, bird, or dragon, if the shifter bites a human the human will become a shifter usually on the full moon. Most shifter lore is believed to take place with magic and considered body transformation.

Weakness: The weakness of shifters depend on the mythology. Many believe that shifters are allergic to silver. So the best defense, if a rogue shifter is on your tail is to use a silver knife or letter opener to defend yourself. Probably the best would be silver bullets but not too many people own silver bullets. Some lore believes that a shifter can be killed just as easily as humans or as easily as their shifted form.

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream!


In honor of Prometheus coming out in theaters the Saturday Night Creature Feature is the awesome Xenomorph!!! I love these aliens so much I have tattoos of them, see my earlier post I Missed You!. The Xenomorph’s first appeared in the classic horror movie Alien. This creature was designed by H.R. Giger based on several people’s fears. These predators were first discovered on LV-425 from the Nostromo’s crew. The crew was forced by their employers from Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Once on the planet they discover another crashed spaceship. When they further investigate they discover the egg of the Xenomorph and the mystery of this strange species begins.

The creature creates hives like termites and cocoons their food. They have a strange and very unique life cycle which incorporates the environment and DNA of a host to survive. No knows quite where these aliens have come from only assumptions. These extraterrestrials have also been used by Predators as a passage way to become full warriors.

Creation: The creation process of the Xenomorph can be quite complicated. They start as an egg, once the egg hatches a Face Hugger is born. The Face Hugger then attaches itself to another species such as a human and impregnates them. Once the Face Hugger impregnates the species the Face Hugger dies. The alien is then grown inside the chest incorporating the DNA from the living host into it’s own DNA. After only a few days the Chest Burster breaks through the ribcage usually killing the host. The Chest Burster then grows into an adult, either an alien warrior or an alien queen. The alien queen has an extended abdomen that creates and lays the eggs.

Weakness: Unfortunately these creatures are nearly impossible to kill, especially in a space craft. This creature is adaptive to many different environments. Their blood and saliva are made of acid. They have a mouth full of sharp teeth and a tongue that acts as second mouth with a pharyngeal jaw. The Xenomorph’s tail is also a scorpion-like sharp blade. These alien creatures also do not admit any body heat making them hard to locate. This predator’s biggest weakness seems to be airlocks.

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