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Believability in Characters

Man with MagicStories need to have believability in the magic created for characters. I don’t like books where characters suddenly realize she or he has a power, such as a character suddenly realizing she always had the power to turn her enemies into toads with just a thought at the end of a book to solve the final conflict. The story is now unbelievable, like the author suddenly realized they put their characters into a situation she couldn’t get out of so the magical wizard suddenly finds her power. I find myself asking, “Where did that just come from?” and scanning back in the book to find what I missed.

On the other hand I don’t mind characters that are growing with their power. If the hero starts with only being able to start a soft breeze and by the end of the book he can create a hurricane, that works too. Just as long as the readers get to see the character grow and change with their new found abilities.

The heroines and heroes of my favorite stories have to have limits, if they don’t why is the antagonist even a threat? I have read a few stories where the heroes or heroines are near impossible to harm or even kill and I found myself wondering, “Why don’t they just rule the world?” I mean obviously no one can even touch them. I like limits, I can relate to characters with limits and people who have to make sacrifices for the things they want. This also creates conflict which is essential to any good story.

A great way to create limits is the source for power and magic. The source needs to be believable such as a genie who can only grant three wishes or blood as the sacrifice for more power. With limits the characters have to think before they leap. Plus this gives us romantics a way to spice up our stories, what better way to say I love you then having the main character sacrifice everything for the man he loves?

Also think about instruments needed for magic such as wands or ingredients like salt or herbs. If a mage needs to have a wand or a dove’s feather to perform magic there is a limit to the power giving him or her a weakness and believability.

So create those rules, make your characters vulnerable, and keep writing!


Writing the Feel

Heart Book

Okay my blog followers, it’s writing Wednesday! So I have been working on creating my world and decided to even set up a document dedicated to my creatures. I have a history, culture, sexuality, strengths, weaknesses, personalities and even a social structure section in the document. This was so fun to make! I highly recommend this technique for anyone writing on fantasy creatures so they keep all the rules on their creatures in order.

Now I am also working on the feel and rules of the world. One of the recommendations I read about was using stream-of-conciousness writing for creating the world. My husband is really good at stream-of-conciousness writing, some of his best writing and ideas come from this style but me on the other hand…let’s just say I’m easily distracted. Much of my stream-of-conciousness writing ends up being about food…Mmmm, I love food! Okay, I totally just got distracted again. 😛

I also like the idea of mapping out my fantasy world. Even though the book takes place in a human city it’s nice to be able to track where all of the action is taking place. There are some great webpages that offer advice on creating a landscaping map so if you like this idea as well be sure to check out websites like Fantasy Maps 101 (www.fantasymaps.com/101/index.html) or http://www.zompist.com/howto.htm

I prefer the paranormal worlds such as fantasy and sci-fi….obviously, hence the blog. And because this is my preferred reading genre I wanted to start writing down the stories that play out in my head. I have enjoyed working on this fantasy world!

Hopefully, with little luck and some talent we will be a published writers, but only time will tell…or maybe an oracle. Keep Writing!

Writing Wednesdays!

Heart BookI like dedicating Wednesdays to writing. I even meet with a friend on Wednesdays as the and we become the Writing Warriors. I was thinking of taking Wednesdays here on M/M paranormal romance and turning it into the day where I talk about where I am in my writing (for those who are interested) so there is a record from concept to publication (lets hope :)).

This week is dedicated to creating my world. I love creating sci-fi and fantasy worlds, hence the blog. I have a previous post on creating worlds and what can go into putting a world together, “Creating the World” to check out the post.

I find that using creatures that are more common like vampires and shifters can create complications especially when fans of these creatures already have some expectations and many are looking for something original. Another complicated creature is the world of the fae or fairies (whichever you prefer) because there are so many myths already in place and dedicated followers of these usually forest type critters know all of the rules and can easily smell out someone who doesn’t know the mythology.

There is also the question of creating new creatures or using less commonly used creatures. Elves, nomes, centaurs, dragons, ghosts, and zombies are more commonly known and have a few rules, like zombies are killed by destroying the head, but have a little more room for play in the creation world.

The idea of creating an entirely new creature also has it’s appeal but even so there is probably a myth or legend somewhere that is close enough to define the newly created creature :P.

Anyhow, this week I am working on creating the world and the rules to apply to writing my book.

And to all my fellow writers out there keep those pens (and keyboards) moving!

Writing Wednesday-Creating the World

Worlds of Wonder by David Gerold

One of the biggest challenges in writing paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi is creating the world. It may seem easy to when using creatures like vampires and shape-shifters (especially because some of the rules are already laid out) but the best writers find unique twists on these dark tales creating a world slightly different from the other sci-fi fantasy books out there. After all rules are made to be broken, right? 😉

Creating the futuristic and sci-fi world has to be based more on science then on pure imagination. It’s called science fiction for that reason and should have aspects that work with different types of science including things like cloning, space travel, putting colonies on another planet, or even alien invasions.

Making the rules in fantasy can be even more complicated then the world of sci-fi. The rules here can be anything you want to imagine. Science can be thrown out the window and any thing you dream up can be used. This may seem slightly easier to write, especially since you can conjure up any type of fantasy world you want. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds, rules still need to be made especially if you are going to create characters that your readers can relate to on some level.

There are two great books I recommend reading for the creation of sci-fi and fantasy. The first is by David Gerold called Worlds of Wonder, he is not only a successful writer himself but the book is filled with great advise on how to create complex worlds and visionary tales. The second book is by Orson Scott Card called How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy. This book is also written by a successful science fiction/fantasy writer on how to get your world started and populated.

So good luck to the fantasy and sci-fi writers out there and don’t forget to keep dreaming!

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