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Lost Angel


Sketching Monday! I love doing artwork and sketches so I wanted to share some of my artwork on Mondays. 🙂

This one is the sketch of a lost angel.

Honestly I love feedback and want to improve. So leave a comment and let me know your thoughts…


Send Me an Angel


Fate’s Second Chance by A.J. Jarrett

Fate's Second Chance

Title: Fate’s Second Chance

Author: A.J. Jarrett

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Copyright: 2011

ISBN: 97819205013722

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Fantasy, Angel,

Series: Book One in Twist of Fate

Rating: * * * * *

Romance Level: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Have you ever felt out of place or like you were living someone else’s life? Well, fate may have just made a mistake. For Marie Carter that mistake may give her a second chance at life.

When taking an early flight home she realized that she was never going to see her sister, Serena, or her best friend, Shawn ever again as the plane crashes down. But her forgetful and boundary crossing angel, Ross has different plans for her. He is throwing her back into life as Marc Carter with the male body she was suppose to have and one chance to win the heart of the man she loves, or I guess now he loves. This story is told from the first person from Marie/Marc Carter’s point of view.

I’m not going to lie, I went into this book hesitant with the thought that a girl coming back as a man was kind of a strange plot but I was wrong, this story was an absolute delight to read. I ended up biting my nails through the entire story, (which was a habit I have been trying to break and this book did not help). I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Marc could get Shawn to say I love you.

Author A.J. Jarrett had me laughing and crying with Marc as he fumbled his way through his new life with the mistake making angel, Ross, to help win over Shawn’s heart. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read with powerful characters and a great storyline.

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