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Favorite Creatures

7335009-Man-steampunk-dark-foggy_1024I am in love with otherworld creatures, personally, my favorite is still unicorns. I know don’t laugh but they have a special place in my heart that keeps my childhood alive. I am also obsessed with zombies, I could watch movies and read about zombies all day long (friends tease me that it’s because I need a brain :P). Aliens are also on my favorite list, particularly the ones from Alien. What can I say? I like my horror movies.

Angels and demons also hold a special place in the favorite creatures world and have been used by authors like Pia Veleno in the book Fallen. Of course vampires and were-creatures have to be on my favorite list, there is something about them that many of us can’t resist, otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular. I also really like stories of magic. Ranging from witches to fairies the idea of being able to control the elements is…well, magical.

Robots and androids are a favorite but that’s the sci-fi geek inside of me coming out! One overlooked species is the gargoyle. Personally, I would like to see more books about this guardian of the night.

So now it’s your turn, let me know your favorite creatures that go bump in the night?


Ten Enticing Paranormal Book Series

(not all m/m focused but all definitely have a touch of manlove)

1. The Drone Vampire Chronicles by Stephani Hecht

2. Acro by Sydney Croft

3. Blackdagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

4. With/Without by J.L. Langley

5. Lost Shifter by Stephani Hecht

6. Kinkaid Pack by Jessica Lee

7. Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton

8. White Tiger Shape Shifter by Viki Lyn

9. Sci-Regency by J.L. Langley

10. Warrior Camp by Joyee Flynn


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