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Total Slacker!

dreamstimefree_122041So I’m a total slacker! Not only on this blog but for so many other reasons right now. First I have only written 1,894 words for my NaNoWriMo novel. What can I say but I’m a slacker 😛

It has also been a while since I have read any stories/books. So this week I will be down a book review 😦

Next, I have received my first rejection letter, quickly followed by a second one. This was for two different books. The nice thing is one publisher gave me a checklist of things I should fix, not that they will take it but at least some feedback is better then none. The other one wasn’t as extensive but they gave me a few ideas to improve the story. I’m kind of bummed out about it. There are two sides of me fighting right now. One side saying screw it, I don’t want to write anymore. The other, more competitive side, says screw that, I will get published. I have to keep reminding myself that even the best of authors get rejected. Still heart breaking. 😦

I also have one short that is being considered for an anthology *fingers crossed* I’m hoping that I get an acceptance letter on that one.

On a much better note I am currently working with three different published authors on cover art. I’m very excited to add these to my portfolio once they are published or self published. So far the authors love my work and they are very excited to use my artwork. Although I will have to admit that the Sci-Fi cover was probably the hardest work I have ever done in Photoshop. 🙂

But I really need to keep my own advise and keep writing!

Master’s Project!

For some lighter news, I also have been bad with the blogging and my writing because I have been getting to the final stages of my Master’s project. I’m so excited I finished my first draft for all sections in my Master’s project and only have to edit the drafts and will submit to the commitee in a short few months. I should have my Master’s degree by October just in time for the GayRomLit in Albuquerque! So in celebration of completing my Master’s project draft 1 my husband bought me flowers. He is the best husband in the world~I love him to death!

This has been crazy busy with my full time job, writing stories, blogging, and working on my degree while at the same time trying to maintain family and friend relationships. But I believe that the universe throws us challenges to keep us growing! So keep writing!


I apologize! I have been an awful blogger as of late. As some of you may know I live about 2 minutes from Century 16 in Aurora, CO. As I was born and raised here the tragedy of the shooting hit home on many levels. I wanted to thank everyone for the community support and hugs, this is a tough and tragic time.

Red and White Roses

Hubby got his wisdom teeth removed so I got him red and white roses to brighten the bedroom! Hopefully he will feel better soon.

Roses are Blooming!

 I just wanted to share a photo of the roses my husband got me for Valentine’s Day! They are really starting to bloom!

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