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Excuse Me While I Rant

Heart Book on DeskSo I’m going to go on a pet peeve rant for a moment.

I have read four M/M (sort of) paranormal romance stories this week and not one story had a monogamous relationship in it. Maybe I’m just close minded but I like to read about stories of faithful characters that once they found their soulmate they don’t need anyone else!

Maybe I’m just an old fashioned, romantic geek. Okay, I take that back, I know I am because my husband always teases me that if I ever walked in on him with someone else I would black out, and come back out of it covered in blood and dirt with a shovel in my hand, having no idea what just happened. So I know I’m just made for monogamy.

Needless to say I’m not feeling this non-faithful relationship story telling. I don’t like the threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes either. Don’t characters get jealous anymore when their mates and partners want to sleep with someone else? And when they do sleep with someone else, the other characters just seem to roll over and take it, where is the fighting?

Maybe I’m just missing out on something, but cheating whether okayed by the other party or not is not okay in my book for the person you are suppose to be with for all eternity.

But for the sake of argument I do have a friend who believes that open relationships are the future. Monogamy is a thing of the past and being in a relationship that is open is what people are looking for in a partner. After all we are made to spread our seeds, right?

A big part of me hopes the furture of open relationships is not going to happen but she has a lot of good points.

I also think I’m one of the last of a dying breed called true romantics, who believes in the true one-and-only soulmate theory that one person will complete you. I have found mine. And trust me, if I found my soulmate with all of my crazy ways you can too! (And they don’t want to be with other people!)

Thank you for reading my rant! 🙂


Paypal and Plagiarism

Plagiarism seems to be the theme of this week. Many people have been victims of plagiarism and should never have to experience such a terrible thing. One of my favorite authors, J.L. Langley, wrote on her experience with plagiarism: Link to News

No matter how nice the person is who committed the plagiarism or how apologetic they may seem they are still thieves and should never have made a penny off of other authors hard work. In this writers opinion I say sue the pants off the plagiarist!

Another great article to read is: Link to Blog

Theo Fernraven discusses all of the topics I bring up in this post which are all important as they effect us writers and readers!


Paypal is absolutely unbelievable!

Here is a great article on the topic: Link to Article

The part that made me upset the most is: “Under the new PayPal policy, Mark Corker of Smashwords told all the Smashwords authors they would also have to remove paranormal romance that included shape-shifters – if the shape-shifters were to have sex in their non-human forms.

When PayPal told Excessica’s Selena Kitt that BDSM fiction was not allowed in her catalog she wrote on her blog ( NSFW),

That’s right – they weren’t just targeting illegal acts between non-consenting adults. Now they were targeting legal sex between consenting adults.

For what it’s worth, BDSM includes a very wide category of sexual practices that are legal in the United States, and its activities and fantasies are not regarded by psychiatrists as an illness or disorder.”

It makes me wonder what kind of censorship is next. This is virtual book burning!

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