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Six Days to NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo is only six days away! So start getting those typing fingers ready to write your novel!

For anyone who doesn’t know what NaNoWriMo is it’s National Novel Writing Month in November. It’s 30 days to write your novel! You can read more and join forums or local writing groups at


I’m Here!!!

Yay! It was a long drive but I’m here!

I’m so excited!

Also I just had dinner at the best vegan restaurant here in Albuquerque. It’s called the Fei Cafe (don’t you just love that name)!

Check It Out!

I have been working really hard on getting up my new sites!

Check out my author page at Author Tabatha Heart at blogspot. Hopefully I will hear back from the publisher soon on whether or not they have accepted my book! *cross fingers* I will let everyone know once I hear something.

Also I have a new cover design page at Tabatha Heart Art & Design here on So check out my few covers 🙂

Both are currently new and really small but I wanted to let everyone know they are finally up and ready to view!

Look what Arrived!

Books in the Mail

Look what arrived in the mail! I'm soooo excited! One week from today I will be at GRL and getting my books signed! I seriously cannot wait to meet all of my favorite authors and the readers of gay romance! I have been looking forward to this trip since I bought my tickets in April.

I cannot believe what has happened since I started this blog! I am really looking forward to everything positive that is coming my way. Keep those positive thoughts going and keep writing! What a great year!

Life Getting Back on Track

Celebrate Good Times

So a lot has happened last week!

Most importantly I have my internet back up!!! I did not realize how much of my life had to be put on hold because I had no internet. But thanks to a sweet tech-lady I now have a new modem and my internet is working like a charm!

My husband also started his new job! Yay he no longer works in the airport! He loves it and I am so proud of him! Go Hubby!!! 🙂

I officially have my Master's degree! From a previous post I had stated I finished my Master's Project. Well the I-O Council reviewed my project and determined that I am awesome! So I'm officially a Master! Now my evil diabolical plan can begin and my reign of terror will officially begin! Muhahahaha! 🙂

GRL is coming up on October 18th-21st! So make sure you start packing your bags this weekend so you have everything you need. I'm going as a reader this year and I am really hoping an author for next year *crossing fingers*! Hopefully soon I will see what the publisher says about my book! I cannot wait to meet everyone!


The Count of Aragon by Alex Carreras

The Count of Aragon Cover

Title: The Count of Aragon

Author: Alex Carreras

Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.

Copyright: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-62241-653-0

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Paranormal, Vampire

Series: Book One in Aragon

Rating: ✭✭✭✭

Romance Level: ♥♥♥

Buy Link: Click Here


Description: Adam Galindo finds himself in Zaragoza, Spain, accompanied by his mother, Susan, to attend a memorial service for his father, Pascual.

Fighting heartbreak but trying to keep a brave face for his mother, Adam decides to tour the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar for a daytime diversion with his mother. What Adam discovers, while gazing at frescoes and watching Susan light a few candles in her husband's honor, is that he is the reincarnated Count of Aragon, Aznar Galindez, onetime savior of the city and vampire hunter. And he knows this is true because Emerico Espiritu, a Spanish vampire with one hell of a sexy smile and an even sexier attitude, has told him so.

Between accepting his new role in life and kicking Romanian vampire butt, Adam finds himself learning the ins and outs of vampire hunting when he's not practicing a little in and out of his own under the tutelage of Emerico Espiritu.


Review: Adam Galindo is instantly mistaken for Aznar Galindez, the count of Aragon, when he arrives in Spain with his mother. Adam is here in Spain to help spread his father's ashes.

Emerico Espiritu a handsome, dark stranger who takes an instant liking to Adam, Emerico's reincarnated lover. Emerico is a wet dream of a man who has a few secrets. Before Emerico can act on his feelings he must first show Adam, who is a constant temptation, his destiny as the previous vampire hunter Aznar.

Alex Carreras writing is very descriptive and gives the reader a beautiful visual of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar through Adam's eyes. His writing is smooth and detailed giving us a clear view of what it's like to fall in love with a vampire under the starry skies of Spain.

I found myself cheering as Adam and Emerico try to save the city, Zaragoza, from a rampaging clan of Romanian vampires. The only glitch I discovered in the book is a decision Adam makes in the end, the choice appears out of character from what Adam had stated earlier in the book (I would further define but I don't want to spoil the fun). The decision is justified and honestly I applaud Adam's choice but still slightly out of his character.

Emerico and Adam fit together like two pieces of a perfect puzzle. The characters had chemistry and instant attraction from the first moment they see each other. The connection between the characters is powerful from the beginning and continues to grow as Adam and Emerico work together to save the vampires, el Fraternidad. Plus there are hot love scenes that are both sexy and touching.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a unique twist on vampire myths in the beautiful country of Spain with two hot men who kick butt! I am very excited and looking forward to the sequel!


Events Coming Up for October 8th-October 14th

Here are the events for M/M paranormal romance authors and releases coming up for the week of October 8th-October 15th.

Author Events:

Bailey Bradford-Weekly contest for 10 ARe bucks at baileysplayroom. To enter, comment on any of her posts or send her an e-mail at Contest resets every Tuesday so you can re-enter every week.

Writing Events:

Romance Survey-RRWReaderSurvey

Mantastic Fiction-Weekly Contests

Save the Date: October 18th-21st: GayRomLit 2012 (Registration Started March 1st)

Publisher Events:

Friday Frenzy! Every Friday Silver Publishing Gives Away Title

Weekly Free Downloads-Silver Publishing Short Stories

Dreamspinner Press-Contest Link

Blog Hop Events:

Hot in Handcuffs Blog Hop…(starts Oct. 10th and ends Oct. 15th)

Wicked After Dark Blog Hop…(starts Oct. 24th and ends Nov. 1st)

Moonlight Masquerade Giveaway Hop… (starts Oct. 25th and ends Nov. 1st)

Howleen Blog Hop-Author and Blog Sign Up (October 26th-October 29th)

Upcoming Book Releases:

Monday, October 8th

A.J. Llewellyn & Serena Yates-The Mudpie: Elemental Superpowers Book #3(M/M, Paranormal)

Christine Shaw-Accepting a Mate: Dark Times Book #5(M/M, Werewolves)

Tuesday, October 9th

Shawn Bailey-Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me-(M/M, Shapeshifter)

Tedi Sinclair-The Ugly Wolfling: Strays(M/M, Werewolves)

Wednesday, October 10th

Sue Brown-Waiting-(M/M, Paranormal)

Thursday, October 11th

Leontii Holender-In the Devil’s Snare: The Garden of Elich(M/M, Vampires)

Saturday, October 13th

Scarlet Hyacinth-Lovers Under the Blue Moon: Kaldor Saga Book #6(M/M, Demons)

Marcy Jacks-Eli’s Reluctant Mate: DeWitt’s Pack Book #5(M/M, Werewolves)

Anitra Lynn McLeod-Taming a Wild Mate: Rough River Coyotes Book #9(M/M, Shapeshifter)

Sunday, October 14th

Carolina Valdez-Time To Be King-(M/M, Fantasy, Shapeshifter)


Life Happens! All release dates are subject to change.

Authors and Publishers: Please let me know any events or book releases you have coming up and I will be happy to add the information to my blog! Please send me any information at Ask Me Anything

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