The Magical Unicorn

Unicorn Statue

I have had an obsession with unicorns, maybe not as obsessed as the girl in Dodgeball but I have a few statues and posters :). So this weeks Saturday Night Creature Feature is the Unicorn. Unicorns have been depicted throughout history as horses with a long horn projected from the forehead. These magical creatures are usually portrayed as white horses but I prefer the ones that are black with red eyes (but of course I do ;)).

These mystical creatures are usually found in the depths of the forests usually associated with magical creatures like faeries. They are usually hidden from human eyes, only magical creatures and people with pure hearts can see them. Seeing a unicorn is considered a good omen and they usually come to humans when the person needs help.

Unicorns are often associated with royalty just like lions and have been depicted on flags and royal symbols throughout history. The unicorn is considered a noble creature with magical powers.


Powers: Unicorns have long been associated with magic especially in their horns. They were killed by hunters who wanted to possess their horns. The horns could heal wounds and purify water. Horn legends also state that the horn would turn red if the food or drink was poisoned than could neutralize the poison. Owning a horn also helps the owner live longer and healthier lives. Unicorns have also been said to make wishes come true.


Weakness: Unicorns can be tamed or calmed usually by a women with a pure heart or a virgin. Unicorns can also be killed by removing their horns. Also killed off by floods where the unicorns are too stubborn to get on the boat aka Noah's Ark.


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