Bird of Fire!

26181576-Fire-WingsIn honor of Theo Fenraven’s Phoenix Rising book release, M/M romance about the Phoenix, this week’s Saturday Night Creature Feature will be on the amazing resurrection bird, the Phoenix. The mythology of the bird is found in Egyptian, Arabic, Roman, Chinese, and Persian lore. The Phoenix is usually a symbol for the rising sun and resurrection.

This immortal bird is usually depicted with bright red, gold, orange, and yellow colored feathers. The phoenix is also known for it’s beautiful voice and heart felt songs. The phoenix is usually in bird form but in some lore the bird can also take a human form. Someone can also become the phoenix’s familiar if the bird also wants the bond.

The phoenix is considered a bird of prey like a hawk. They usually prefer cooler climates over warm as their internal flame keeps them constantly warm. The phoenix therefore likes bathing in more arctic waters where it usually sings, especially in the morning.

Creation: The phoenix is born from it’s own ashes. Toward the end the bird will build a nest of twigs and spices, like cinnamon and myrrh, than the bird will light the funeral pyre with it’s own wings. A phoenix can live anywhere from 500-1000 years than is consumed in the flames of the nest and turned into ashes. The new phoenix is then born, only one phoenix can exist at a time.

Weakness: There are no known weaknesses of the phoenix being immortal and invincible.


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