Shift Happens!


153775260-Man-with-large-cat-cougarShifters are one of my favorite mythological creatures! Lycanthropy is the technical term for humans who transform into multiple physical shapes, mostly animal forms. Some shifters can only change at certain times, such as only at night, while others can change whenever they needed. Powerful shifters can usually shift just parts of their body, such as their hands into paws, teeth into fangs. The physical transformation into another form could be smooth and easy all the way to painful and slow. Some shifters remember what happens when they change forms while others forget the experience and end up waking in a strange place, sometimes naked and covered in blood.

Shifters can take two forms or multiple forms. Shapeshifters are different from were-creatures such as werewolves and werecats. Werecats are considered shifters but not all shifters are weres. Of course the “Liquid Guy” from Terminator 2 could also be considered a shifter in a way. The lore of shifters goes around the planets and traces of legends back to prehistoric times.

Creation: The two main ways shifters are created is being born as a shifter or being bitten by a shifter. Shifters can be born with their special abilities usually because one or both parents are also shifters. When in shifted form, such as a wolf, cat, bird, or dragon, if the shifter bites a human the human will become a shifter usually on the full moon. Most shifter lore is believed to take place with magic and considered body transformation.

Weakness: The weakness of shifters depend on the mythology. Many believe that shifters are allergic to silver. So the best defense, if a rogue shifter is on your tail is to use a silver knife or letter opener to defend yourself. Probably the best would be silver bullets but not too many people own silver bullets. Some lore believes that a shifter can be killed just as easily as humans or as easily as their shifted form.


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