In Space No One Can Hear You Scream!


In honor of Prometheus coming out in theaters the Saturday Night Creature Feature is the awesome Xenomorph!!! I love these aliens so much I have tattoos of them, see my earlier post I Missed You!. The Xenomorph’s first appeared in the classic horror movie Alien. This creature was designed by H.R. Giger based on several people’s fears. These predators were first discovered on LV-425 from the Nostromo’s crew. The crew was forced by their employers from Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Once on the planet they discover another crashed spaceship. When they further investigate they discover the egg of the Xenomorph and the mystery of this strange species begins.

The creature creates hives like termites and cocoons their food. They have a strange and very unique life cycle which incorporates the environment and DNA of a host to survive. No knows quite where these aliens have come from only assumptions. These extraterrestrials have also been used by Predators as a passage way to become full warriors.

Creation: The creation process of the Xenomorph can be quite complicated. They start as an egg, once the egg hatches a Face Hugger is born. The Face Hugger then attaches itself to another species such as a human and impregnates them. Once the Face Hugger impregnates the species the Face Hugger dies. The alien is then grown inside the chest incorporating the DNA from the living host into it’s own DNA. After only a few days the Chest Burster breaks through the ribcage usually killing the host. The Chest Burster then grows into an adult, either an alien warrior or an alien queen. The alien queen has an extended abdomen that creates and lays the eggs.

Weakness: Unfortunately these creatures are nearly impossible to kill, especially in a space craft. This creature is adaptive to many different environments. Their blood and saliva are made of acid. They have a mouth full of sharp teeth and a tongue that acts as second mouth with a pharyngeal jaw. The Xenomorph’s tail is also a scorpion-like sharp blade. These alien creatures also do not admit any body heat making them hard to locate. This predator’s biggest weakness seems to be airlocks.


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