Night of the Living Dead!

154380940-Zombie-handsThe first creature feature will cover my all time favorite monsters, ZOMBIES! I love, love, love zombies! I love their movies, television shows, video games, and books. Zombies are corpses resurrected from the dead. When people refer to the apocalypse of 2012, I always think that it will be the zombie apocalypse and the dead will walk the earth.

Some avid zombie followers prefer to call these creatures the living dead as zombies can also refer to voodoo zombies. Voodoo zombies are not always dead and are controlled by a living person. But the zombies in my favorite movies are the walking dead that wonder aimlessly in search of food, specifically brains…human brains.

These animated corpses cannot talk but seem to hear just fine. They also have fairly good sight and smell to help them find their next meal. They are also incredibly strong as they feel no pain.

Creation: There are a few reasons the living dead are created, some are created by government experimental viruses, others through radiation over the graveyard, or maybe just the classic saying, “When there is no more room in Hell…” Zombies create more zombies. One bite or even scratch can cause a living person to get sick, die, and be reanimated as the walking dead.

Weaknesses: They aren’t usually very smart, they follow their basic instincts to eat…braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnsss! Zombies don’t heal and continue to decay at a slow rate. They also are very slow moving so most people can get away from them by running. The only thing that seems to destroy the living dead is a direct hit to the head. Necromancers may be able to help, as they have control over the dead. They can help put them back to rest in their graves…of course the necromancer could be the one responsible for raising the dead in the first place.


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2 responses to “Night of the Living Dead!

  • Theo Fenraven

    I don’t get the zombie thing. However, when I hear about someone eating braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnns, I think of Sylar. 🙂

  • Tabatha Hansen

    When I think about people eating brains I always think of Hannibal Lecter (shiver). I somehow relate to zombies, I find that I connect to the hot super action heroines like Milla Jovovich. Or LMAO with Zombieland for true zombie movie lovers. I also think of zombie apocalypse
    as never a victory, never a conquest, only survival, just like my life 🙂

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