Dedicated writing time…or Facebook time?

Heart BookIt’s writing Wednesday and I have dedicated writing time…which often is spent on Facebook…or my favorite authors websites…or just surfing the internet. Damn those distractions!

Grrr…don’t you just hate distractions?!

So here are ten tips for dedicated writing time:

  1. Shut off your phone, shut off the internet. These are just distractions and you will not need them to write. Grab an old fashioned dictionary and thesaurus if you really need one.
  2. Do a meditation before to clear your thoughts.
  3. Eat before you start so you don’t get distracted by that growling tummy half way through the writing session. And keep a drink next to you but away from the electronics. πŸ™‚
  4. Get comfortable. If you are not comfortable you will not be focused on writing but focused your body’s complaints.
  5. Find a clean space that is distraction free. A clean desk is a clean mind…wait do we really want that for romance? Yes, you do! You want to keep your eyes on the computer or pen and paper not playing with the Rubik’s cube that just happened to be laying next to you. πŸ™‚
  6. Set up a timer. This is a great idea for my speed writers who like to see if they can keep writing for quick-short periods of time to reach a specific word count. You can also simply just use your phone timer and set it for short periods of time (usually around 30 minutes). Once the timer goes off, stop writing and reward yourself with a goal accomplished (like visiting this blog ;)) or give yourself a punishment like 20 push-ups for not writing the entire 30 minutes or not meeting the word count. A great website and even app on the iPad is Write or Die! ( This app and website tracks your words and time to get you to keep writing.
  7. Another great trick I use is headphones. I usually like listening to score when I write but even if you don’t listen to music I have found that people are a lot less likely to disturb me if I have headphones on.
  8. Don’t edit your novel until it is finished. This is probably one of the hardest ones for me to follow. I find myself going back and fixing sentences and descriptions all the time. Don’t! Edit your work when the story is finished, for now just get the story on the screen or on paper.
  9. Write daily! Make it a habit to write everyday even if it is not for the novel, just keep those keyboards and pens moving for inspiration. Another great practice to keep going is stream-of-consciousness writing, this helps focus thoughts especially in creating new worlds. You can also create a word count quota for everyday, this keeps you writing until the novel is done. Just 1,667 word per day is a 50K novel in 30 days!
  10. Have fun! Don’t forget that this is about writing for yourself and no one else. Even if we never get published it’s always important to remember that when we finish a novel or short story we have accomplished something. So reward yourself for every goal, no matter how small, achieved!

So bring out those computers, tablets, pens, and paper and start writing. Keep going and don’t give up! I have faith that all of us can get published because all of us have a story to tell. πŸ™‚


About Infinity

I was born and raised in Colorado. I have a Master's degree in Psychology and several years experience in coaching, writing and graphic design. View all posts by Infinity

2 responses to “Dedicated writing time…or Facebook time?

  • yellowlancer

    Great advice on dedicated writing time – it is so easy to kid yourself and say you’re doing ‘research’ looking at other blogs etc 😦 Then again, I wouldn’t have read your article if I wasn’t procrastinating yet again πŸ™‚
    Ok – I’m switching off and going to take all your advice!

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