My Ghost by Pia Veleno

My Ghost Book Cover

Title: My Ghost

Author: Pia Veleno

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Copyright: 2011

ISBN: 9781920501983

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Paranormal Romance, Ghost

Rating: * * * *

Romance Level: @

How many of us have been so worried about what we have done in the past that we have missed out on living our future?

Shen and Diego discover that there is more to finding love then what meets the eye. When Chase Webber appears in the house as a ghost he is more then just an apparition he is a symbol of the many reasons why Shen and Diego have let the past get in the way of their love. Chase has kept them apart and isn’t about to start letting them have a relationship now.

Talented author Pia Veleno takes us to the haunting graveyards where Shen and Diego had let their relationship die amongst the graves and their long lost friend. We fell the pain of losing a friend and understand what it must be like to blame ourselves for his death. The tension in the scenes build to a climax that has us hoping that Shen and Diego finally find what they are looking for and let the past go.

This story is bound to please anyone who is looking for a quick read with an adventure to start living again. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a haunting tale with bleeding angry ghosts and a fight for love.


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