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Prince of Fae

22946410-Man-faery-close-upI love this picture! I think he deserves a story, being the prince of the faery world 🙂

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Excuse Me While I Rant

Heart Book on DeskSo I’m going to go on a pet peeve rant for a moment.

I have read four M/M (sort of) paranormal romance stories this week and not one story had a monogamous relationship in it. Maybe I’m just close minded but I like to read about stories of faithful characters that once they found their soulmate they don’t need anyone else!

Maybe I’m just an old fashioned, romantic geek. Okay, I take that back, I know I am because my husband always teases me that if I ever walked in on him with someone else I would black out, and come back out of it covered in blood and dirt with a shovel in my hand, having no idea what just happened. So I know I’m just made for monogamy.

Needless to say I’m not feeling this non-faithful relationship story telling. I don’t like the threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes either. Don’t characters get jealous anymore when their mates and partners want to sleep with someone else? And when they do sleep with someone else, the other characters just seem to roll over and take it, where is the fighting?

Maybe I’m just missing out on something, but cheating whether okayed by the other party or not is not okay in my book for the person you are suppose to be with for all eternity.

But for the sake of argument I do have a friend who believes that open relationships are the future. Monogamy is a thing of the past and being in a relationship that is open is what people are looking for in a partner. After all we are made to spread our seeds, right?

A big part of me hopes the furture of open relationships is not going to happen but she has a lot of good points.

I also think I’m one of the last of a dying breed called true romantics, who believes in the true one-and-only soulmate theory that one person will complete you. I have found mine. And trust me, if I found my soulmate with all of my crazy ways you can too! (And they don’t want to be with other people!)

Thank you for reading my rant! 🙂

My Ghost by Pia Veleno

My Ghost Book Cover

Title: My Ghost

Author: Pia Veleno

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Copyright: 2011

ISBN: 9781920501983

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Paranormal Romance, Ghost

Rating: * * * *

Romance Level: @

How many of us have been so worried about what we have done in the past that we have missed out on living our future?

Shen and Diego discover that there is more to finding love then what meets the eye. When Chase Webber appears in the house as a ghost he is more then just an apparition he is a symbol of the many reasons why Shen and Diego have let the past get in the way of their love. Chase has kept them apart and isn’t about to start letting them have a relationship now.

Talented author Pia Veleno takes us to the haunting graveyards where Shen and Diego had let their relationship die amongst the graves and their long lost friend. We fell the pain of losing a friend and understand what it must be like to blame ourselves for his death. The tension in the scenes build to a climax that has us hoping that Shen and Diego finally find what they are looking for and let the past go.

This story is bound to please anyone who is looking for a quick read with an adventure to start living again. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a haunting tale with bleeding angry ghosts and a fight for love.

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Events Coming Up for Mar. 26th-Apr. 1st

Here are the events for M/M paranormal romance authors and releases coming up for the week of March 26th to April 1st. (Don’t forget April 1st is April Fools Day)

Author Events:

Amber Kell-March Birthday Event (Read the Contest Rules)

Viki Lyn-March Giveaways

Writing Events:

The Romance Reviews-March 1st-31st-Over 300 Authors Participating

7 Days until Script Frenzy! (100 pages in 30 Days in April)

Save the Date: October 18th-21st: GayRomLit 2012 (Registration Started March 1st)

Blog Hop Events:

Upcoming: Hoppy Easter Blog Hop-April 6th-8th

Upcoming Book Releases:

Monday, March 26th

Bailey Bradford-Oscar: The Leopard’s Spots Book #2 (M/M, Wereshifters)

Carole Cummings-Weregild: Wolf’s-own Book #2  (M/M, Fantasy)

Saturday, March 31st

Lynn Hagen-Santana’s Discovery: Shifters of Mystery Book #2 (M/M, Werewolves, Public Exhibition)

Scarlet Hyacinth-Dove Me Tender, Dove Me Sweet: The S.E.X. Factor Book #3 (M/M, Shapeshifter)

AJ Jarrett-Fate’s Fortunate Mistake: Twists of Fate Book #2 (M/M, Gender Bender, Fantasy)

Sui Lynn-Stone Heart (M/M, Contemporary, Fantasy)

Anitra Lynn McLeod-Wicked Alpha: Twin Pines Grizzlies Book #5 (M/M, Shapeshifter, Light Consensual BDSM, Sex Toys)

Sunday, April 1st

Tara Lain-Sinders and Ash (M/M, Contemporary, Fairy-Tale)

All release dates are subject to change.

Authors and Publishers: Please let me know any events or book releases you have coming up and I will be happy to add the information to my blog! Please send me any information at Ask Me Anything

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Skin Deep by S.W. Vaughn

Title: Skin Deep

Author: S.W. Vaughn

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-60737-505-0

Format: eBook

Genre: M/M, Fairy

Rating: * * * * *

Romance Level: @@@@

Having been lucky enough in my own life to never have been in an abusive relationship and finding a husband who would never raise a hand to me in anger. I feel blessed everyday. I know so many women and men I have known personally have been through an abusive relationship and have a hard time finding a way out. This book describes the experiences my friends have expressed to me in such a descriptive way that the story is heart breaking but accurate.

The story is written from a third person point of view from the two main characters Will Ambrose and Cobalt of the Fae. One of the unique takes in this book is that S.W. Vaugn touches on a subject many do not think about and that is abuse in a gay relationship. The story is touching in understanding how Will has to be strong to break the curse that follows Cobalt but the abuse Will endures is a heartache to read. Colbolt is cursed in his relationships, mostly because he has been removed from the faery world and placed here with humans who are not strong enough to be his partner. The story is a fight for their lives and their own happiness and the story is well worth reading through all of their sadness. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the fae world as well as those who are strong enough to move on from their last relationship to the next.

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