Were-Animals vs. Shifters

5045764-Two-Male-LionsSome may debate that they are one in the same or that technically a were-animal of any kind is a shifter but not all shifters are were-animals. In many stories were-anythings seem to have more restrictions then their shifter counterparts. Weres are usually only limited to one form such as werewolves can only change from their human form to their wolf form like J.L. Langley’s With/Without or Stephani Hecht’s Lost Shifters. 

Shifters can change into more then one form such as a cat to a bird to a raccoon in a matter of moments. A great example of this is in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris (not m/m but has a gay character, for a short while) and in Anita Blake stories by Laurell K. Hamilton (not m/m but hints of manlove later in the series). Shifters can also change parts of their body, don’t have to shift into a full form, and are not always limited to just animal forms.

Were-animals also seem to have more limits such as only being able to change on the full moon and being allergic to silver or wolfsbane. Were-animals are usually turned because of a bite from a fellow were-animal, you are forever cursed with changing into the same animal as the one that bit you. Shifters are usually born that way or learn to shift as a form of magic. Of course the rules change from book to book, movie to movie depending on the creators world…

What are some shifter or were-animal stories you have enjoyed?


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