Some Basic Romance Terms and Definitions:

Alpha-Strong and possessive male, the protector but would fall on his knees for the person he loves

Beta-Considered the nice guy of romance, usually sweet and humorous

Fan Fiction-Fiction written by the fans based on characters from popular media, again not a focus of this blog but can be fun to read

HEA-Happily Ever After

m/m-Romance between two males

m/f-Romance between one male and one female

Shipping-Another term for relationship for characters that are or should be together, such as in Twilight Jacob and Edward is a ship that should have happen

Yaoi-Japanese based homoerotic writing made for a female audience, also known as “Boys Love”, although this blog will not cover yaoi a few sexy yaoi pictures may be thrown in for fun 😉

/ or X– Put between two characters (usually homosexual) that are or should be together such as Potter/Draco or PotterXDraco


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